Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burger King....

Found this ad and couldn't resist. Who knew burger king could be so rissskayy? Not 100 % sure if this is the route I want to take for my paper, but it's a start. There are so many things in this ad. There are a lot of sexual connotations in this ad as well as the little blurb at the bottom describing the food. I feel that this would be an interesting ad to analyze, but not going to set myself on this one just yet.


  1. Yeah I'm not sure why ad companies think sex sells sandwiches, its never very funny, just kind of odd. Case in point:

  2. Really? a Burger King sandwich will "BLOW your mind away" haha... its hard to believe that even disgustingly, non sexy fast food companies are comparing their big mouth sandwiches to big mouth blow jobs.. what is the world coming to? haha

  3. I'd be careful with this one, Jessica. I'm not sure that this is a real ad, as I know there was a lot of controversy over it- it might be a spec ad or a joke. If you do go with this, I'd look carefully at what this ad says about women, sex, and the Burger King customer.