Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love, Peace & The Planet

This is an ad from the October 2009 issue of Marie Claire magazine for "Love, Peace & The Planet" TIGI hair products.

This advertisement is clearly trying to target an eco-friendly audience by trying to convey that their hair products will make your hair look good and save the planet at the same time. However, no where in the ad does it say or show how it does this. Is the product's packaging biodegradable? Does a percentage of the profit go to an organization that helps the environment? We don't know just by looking at the ad. The girl displayed on the left is shown as an artsy, indie, rebellious young girl by her messy hair, torn jeans, loose fitted tank top, her slouching pose with her shoulders hunched forward and her facial expression. Oh, and not to mention she's giving a peace sign which compliments the use of the word "peace" several times throughout the ad. The font used for the text also gives it an "artsy," homemade look.


  1. This is a great AD- i like how it's selling the eco friendly products even though it doesn't specifically state how. There's a lot of great material for your paper on this!

  2. The whole eco-friendly thing that is such an annoying trend right now is really funny, because, as you imply, there is really not a lot that is eco-friendly! "go green" is such a horrible catch phrase that we as a society really need to get to the bottom of...

  3. I really love that this ad is promoting you to "be green" without saying how it's being done.. hah! I hate that brands are taking advantage of this eco-conscious society by giving it more hype than action.