Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost Too Cool For School...

The ad I have chosen to analyze for my paper is below. I had seen it before inside of a Verizon Wireless store, and then a few weeks ago, as I was passing a cell phone retailer on the street, someone was outside handing these out.

In my essay, I plan to focus on social elements like gender roles and the dominant ideologies of the high school social system. Many of this ad's denotations, including the facial expressions and the physical appearances of the individuals, will be interesting to analyze. I will also be sure to mention the physical and temporal environment of the ad.


  1. It's kind of a parody though -- a little unexpected albiet from Verizon (who typically run super-safe/ neutral ads.) but it does seem to play on a certain iconic fiction which makes it more referential than subversive.

  2. Interesting that this is the campaign they create for teens, as opposed to the typical "Can You Hear Me Now" ads.