Monday, November 2, 2009

While You Were Out...

The Levine article, what with its 2006 timestamp, is a bit behind in its MTV docu-soap construction. Since this article, The City has emerged on the scene (a spin-off of The Hills) and follows all of the same guidelines as its predecessors.


The City follows the voice of Whitney (LC’s BFF) through New York City (think, The Hills takes on the Big Apple). The show also has its set of less important characters (i.e. Olivia, Roxy and Sam), which the cameras follow. I mean, watching Whitney work at People’s Revolution and talk in her droned out voice for an entire 30 minutes would get a little boring.

Like the Stephen, Lauren, Kristen triangle, The City (this season) focuses on the Whitney, Freddy, Jay triangle. Although, with the show’s poor credibility, who knows how true this is. This triangle will most likely become the focus of the upcoming episodes as these MTV docu-soaps LOVE to play up plots revolving around love and heartbreak.

This formulaic television drama has been overwhelmingly successful for the MTV network as it loops millions of viewers in every week, but why? I have heard reasonable amounts of information that claims the entire show is a hoax, but I tune in every week. I guess Americans are more concerned with entertainment than with content.

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  1. There's something about watching a lavish life and staring at sparkling people (also found in MTV Cribs and VH1 Fabulous Life of ___) that seems to captivate audiences. The stories aren't even creative or new! I don't get it. I've never seen a full episode of Laguna Beach or the Hills or the City, but I did watch the OC in its first season and okay fine, I loved the freedom and privileges the teenagers had.