Wednesday, October 7, 2009

!!! Stupid Giroux !!!

OK... so this reading made me really really mad. Honestly! I was actually sitting at a doctor's office while I was reading this article, and i found myself wanting to scream and yell at somebody, because that's how stupid this article was, I think.

First of all, I believe that Giroux formed his argument in a little bit weird way. I thought that instead of going on and on for pages about these different Disney innovations within these horizontal and vertical integrations, I hoped he would start his argument about specific Disney movies sooner, and not place them at the very end. Also, I thought he didn't give enough description and analysis to each example, and instead I feel as if he just mentioned these examples and assumed everybody would follow with the analysis on their own.

OK... but to the main argument. Yes, I agree with him that Disney is slowly taking over our lives. The vertical and horizontal integrations put Disney at an incredibly high level of power, allowing it to influence virtually every aspect of our lives. And I have to say that I'm not quite sure whether or not is this so terribly wrong and should be forbidden. I feel that the environment of media is the same as natural environment: survival of the fittest. IF you know how to survive, you'll do anything to achieve that. And I feel that Disney is doing just that. Although I do feel that it is getting a little annoying and probably a tiny bit scary, I feel like Disney is doing a great job at surviving.

Now... for the main part. WHAT A STUPID ARGUMENT DID GIROUX PUT IN RELATION TO DISNEY MOVIES BEING BAD FOR KIDS !!! I mean seriously? He analyzed these Disney movies from the stand point of an old fart that he probably is, who lived a decent amount of his life, and who managed to collect experiences that taught him a lot about life. I understand that as a grown-up and experienced man, he sees the Disney movies as stereotypical. But for God's sake... these movies are supposed to be fantasies that little kids can use to escape the reality. I don't believe any of these children see racism, slavery, and diminishing the role of women in these tales. I mean, even my 10-year old sister, who goes to school, and learn about history, never asked me about the way Scar held all the female lions hostage or why did Shenzi talk with a ghetto accent. I mean come on... Giroux... really? The kids at who these tales are targeted do not even have these ideas preconceived in their minds, not to talk about even learning about them. These kids are innocent, and they are simply watching a fairly tale that makes them happy. And if we want to punish Disney for implementing the kinds with stereotypes since their earliest days, we should then punish the entire society, because no matter if it is a media source or not, these stereotypes are constantly prevalent: girls playing with dolls, boys playing in the mud; girls wearing pink, boys wearing navy blue; girls having long hair, boys having short hair. I mean, come on! This just makes me so angry. Why would anybody attack Disney just because it becomes a powerful company? The stories they create are supposed to be magical, and that's exactly what they are to these kids. besides, in his stuck-up argument, Giroux did not even think of mentioning what the kids' opinions and reactions to these Disney movies were. The only reaction we learned about, were those of Giraux.

So stop being such a prick, and just because you're jealous that Disney made money that you cannot make... stop putting these stupid accusations without even fully developing your argument. Ugh.... made me so mad. So mad.

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  1. Haha SO with you on this. Disney rocks! Giroux was prob one of those sheltered kids whose parents never took him to Disney when he was young so he just has build up anger and hatred towards it hahaha