Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's For You

For my paper, I'm going to be analyzing a 1990 Camel Cigarette ad, featuring the iconic Joe Camel:

Joe gives me much to work with--his location, attire, stance, overall appearance, and of course, his phone call (directed to the viewer). I look forward to analyzing this ad in the coming weeks.


  1. very nice!!!!!
    you'll definitely have something great to work with

  2. I read an entire article about Joe the Camel in High School and the lawsuit in high school. Very interesting. Should be fun to analyze and add historical context as well.

  3. Ah the good ole days when cartoon camels could sell kids cigarettes. This ad seems a little funny in retrospect, as it seems to have become the poster child (no pun intended) of subversive advertisements. Especially for us, as media students (most of us) who have only come across this ad as an example of poor practice.