Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hey, I know this isn't related to our reading assignment, but since we talked about Lady Gaga's Paparazzi music video in the first day of class, I wanted to share/discuss her performance in tonight's MTV VMAs. Lady Gaga is certainly something else... to say the least. At least she's true to her art and sticks with her idea about what her song is about.

(oops, the youtube video isn't working... so here's an image for temporary use)

and while we're talking about the VMAs, how about that Taylor Swift-Kanye fiasco?!

(ETA: since the youtube videos aren't working)

How bizarre..

(I apologize for the irrelevency in advance; I'll delete it if you need me to.)


  1. what a night!!!
    what a show!!!
    there's just so much to say... i have no idea where to start.

    Gaga... OMG... that's who a true artist is.. taking the performance, sang LIVE, to the next level!

    kanye.... no comments. pathetic and childish:)
    kudos for Beyonce though :)

  2. Kanye- not cool, man, not cool.

  3. I MISSED THE VMAS!!! What did Kayne do/say!?

  4. Why are people so up in arms about this Kanye thing? I mean MTV has had far greater shit-disturbers at the VMA's in the past. Remember when the bassist from Rage Against the Machine actually climbed up part of the set one year while Limp Bizkit were accepting their award, or when Courtney Love threw various pieces of makeup at Madonna and Kurt Loder during their interview, only to barge in on it entirely and force Madonna to leave. Kanye ain't got nothing on Courtney Love.

  5. Out of curiosity, did any of the other people you mentioned follow up with apologies? I'm sure that it's partially due to a publicist wanting to do damage control, but I do have to give Kanye some credit for the Leno appearance.