Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coca Cola strikes DESIRE

The Brand. It’s what keeps people hooked. Without our want/need for the brand it would never sell. To sum the goal of advertiser's up in one word: Desire.

The role of the brand is central to commodity culture. Instead of a “real” world of objects to which advertisements refer, we see the emergence of a culture in which the image itself is what we live though and consume. Sturken & Cartwright state that,”Identity is no longer the signifier of a product. Rather, identity is the pure product that we consume, either as information or as image” What makes advertisements as powerful as they are is that they are lived through the insignias and logos affixed to the products we use, or the food we eat. Take the insignia of CocaCola for example:

It’s no stranger to any of our eyes, for we’ve seen this at sporting events, billboards in Times Square, on TV shows such as American Idol where it is so vividly displayed on the judging table, it’s even in magazines and papers brought to our front doors. The goals of Coke manufacturers consist of getting us to identify their products with quality. They want to make it CRUCIAL that we find enough purpose and desire toward their product that we want to continue to buy its name BRAND over the next generic type. In order to do this, Coke brands itself with celebrities, classy events, and anything they feel the average consumer would DESIRE. Because in the end, that’s what it’s about: our wants and desires. If Coke can retain these distinguishing features, then it will be a successful product. People recognize the logo and want to be apart of this brand. Sturken and Cartwright seem to have nailed advertising on the nose because they know exactly what we, as consumers, are looking for in our brand name products. And it proves to be true because it sure looks like Coke has been pretty successful!

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