Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"A Unique Sound"

As we've seen stylistic elements present throughout film, television, print ads and more. They are incredibly influential on how an audience receives and perceives a message. As I was searching for an ad that displayed some of these stylistic elements, I came across the ad for the Audi. Not only did the commercial catch my attention, but in my opinion demonstrates an interesting view to stylistic elements. The ad is centered around James Frances, who is a sound recorder for film. He is recording sounds for an upcoming movie and using the sound of the speed of the Audi as its model. He states in the commercial, "it's really important in a movie to find the unique sound." This reveals a double meaning. Not only is he explaining the importance of sound in a film, but also showcasing the incredible sounds the sleek Audi creates when one drives it. Here the sound of the commercial is showcased by the dialogue of James Frances and the background sound, which is the sound of the car. A key concept is the point of view is coming directly from James Frances in the first person. Also, there was a mention of a connotative image, but here in this case I think there is a connotative sound. This commercial is strengthened by the combining of the importance of the sound for selling of the vehicle and also for the special effects that a sound produces for a film. There are vertical lines present in this commercial when the car is driving exuding its sound and speed on the straight aways, giving the car a notion of power and great strength. This also sheds meaning on the importance of sound being powerful and of great effect to strengthen a movie. The background noise displays the fierce car sounds of agility and speed.This takes on the literal sounds directly connecting the visual of the car speeding down the road and when applied to the movie, the space ship traveling through space. The image of the car zooming past is carefully timed with James Frances obtaining the recording of the sound as well as the space ship sound as it passes by. Not only does this ad deliver a message about how important and strengthening sound can be for a film, but it is a great and in a way abstract advertisement for a car. Audi takes on the uniqueness of being the model car, the model sound for a film effect. It showcases how sleek and fast it is. And all the while, their slogan is so simple. One of the greatest things I admire about advertising is that sometimes its the slogans and tag lines that are the simplest that really catch your attention. Less is more really does influence more than one would imagine. "Audi: A Unique Sound" -- Audi: A Unique Car

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