Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OOh! More Sex!

Just randomly googling sexual illusions. I came across actual sex, but I also found what I was intentionally looking for. The following photographs are by the artist Agnes Hunz Vigil, and through them she mocks and humors the obsession of sex in today's society and how media such as films and advertisements, for example, use sex to sell their products.

These images denote fruits and fish but on a deeper, sexual and more connotative level, they show the portrayal of sexuality. These photos great examples for supporting "the myth of photographic truth," which is found in Chapter 1 of Practices of Looking. As evident in these Vigil's photographs, a simple, fierce close-up can make ordinary innocent tomatoes into what looks like a penis (??? not so sure). The second picture denotes fish around a circular object in a bowl with a syringe on the right. However, when the elements of the photograph are combined, it connotes (to me anyway) sperm trying to penetrate an egg. The syringe suggests an alternative way of getting pregnant, in vitro fertilization (so expensive). Lastly, the third picture is of a close-up of the inside of a strawberry but most people would interpret it as a vag.