Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ideology created by media

According to "The Whites Of Their Eyes" by Stuart Hall, the media is not the only source of the ideological idea of race, but it is here that "these ideas are articulated, worked on, transformed, and elaborated." (Hall, 20) Below is a clear example of how the media portrays different races (Mexicans and Americans) and their interaction which each other, which in turn creates an ideology that is accepted by the public as a realistic reality. (This commercial kind of illustrates the races to an extreme)
The product being sold is Burger King's Texican, which in itself is a product "brought together by destiny" that was criticized as something that "would never work."
Inferential racism can be directly inferred from the underlying concept which is much more then the merger of a hamburger. It is symbolic of the rocky history between Mexicans and Americans, and perhaps voices its hopes that they can put aside their differences.
The commercial stereotypes Mexicans by representing them with a small man in a Luchador costume. (The voice over also said that the burger has 'a little spicy Mexican' referring to the spiciness in the Texican burger, but indirectly refers to the actual Luchador) Where he lacks, in terms of the disadvantage he has because of his size when trying to reach the top shelf, the rugged Texan cowboy (very stereotypical, as well) is there to help, and vice versa. They are depicted as the perfect roommates, regardless of their cultural differences.
If not questioned, this commercial has the power to create a cultural ideology of Mexicans and Texans that is nothing than a stereotype.

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