Wednesday, September 23, 2009

At Merlotte's!: True Blood as a Sitcom

Most people know HBO's True Blood as the critically acclaimed one hour drama about vampires, a telepathic waitress and a whole lot more. True Blood can best described as thrilling, suspenseful, dramatic (some might say melodramatic) and at times humorous. But, what if it was none of these things? What if it was nothing more than a bad 1960's-esque sitcom? The video below shows exactly what True Blood would be like if that were true.

With the addition of one little editing device, the laugh track, YouTube user unclejubalon has completely transformed True Blood. While the concept, the actors, the direction, and even the dialogue remains untouched, the addition of a laugh track in specific scenes changes True Blood from a gripping, slightly campy drama to an unfunny, formulaic sitcom.


  1. hah! This is brilliant. Shows are definitely more cheesy with laugh tracks.

    ...ontd? (;

  2. it's amazing how cheesy it sounds with the laugh track! However, on the other hand, for most sitcoms, the laugh track is what MAKES the show- i couldn't imagine watching Friends without it. It wouldn't be nearly as funny

  3. I agree Nadia. I was thinking about Friends too, and how without the laughs it just wouldn't make that much sense.

    But this True Blood comedy... although sounds so funny, does in fact change the entire frame within the show is created, and I simply don't think it would work for it.

    Great example!