Sunday, September 20, 2009

Only One Store Has Been Apart of Your Life For 150 Years

Sturken and Cartwright discuss the strategy of using nostalgia as an effective way to advertise for a product by saying, that "nostalgia is a longing for a prior state, often perceived to be innocent...advertising is adept at speaking to consumers in nostalgic terms (217). 

I think the masters at executing this technique perfectly are, hands down, the people behind the Macy's commericals. On Thursday, while Glenn, Caroline and I were anxiously awaiting the season premiere of The Office, this commercial came on:

After we sat and watched that one minute of advertising genius, we all unanimously agreed that that was a beautifully made and emotionally arousing advertisement. The images of a slew of iconic figures throughout American pop culture sent a pang of nostalgia which is instantly associated with Macy's since all of these figures make references to this historic department store. From Lucille Ball to Jerry Seinfeld to Johnny Carson to Snoopy, all of our favorite and most memorable characters seem to shop at Macy's. Even King Kong stopped by once. The soundtrack was perfect, with the simple and beautiful piano playing only two notes in the background to really set the mood throughout the entire commercial. No lie, it gave me goosebumps. What a successful and effective way to show just how embedded Macy's has been in our culture for 150 years. It is THE American department store. Bravo Macy's, bravo. 

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  1. Yes! This is an excellent commercial! It's odd how I never went to Macy's when I was younger (it was only recently added to our mall, about 5 years ago), yet I can relate to the timeline of cultural references, so I respect Macy's just a little more after seeing this.