Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Little...Phallus?

For years, a rumor has gone around about two phallic references in the original film version of Disney's "The Little Mermaid."

The first warrants a spoiler warning, but has anyone really never seen this film? Really? In the wedding sequence, the minister supposedly sports a large erection. At closer analysis, it has been determined that the image is his knee, but the angles make it difficult to tell for sure.

The second, and factual, phallic subliminal message is somewhat concealed in the original cover art. Can you find it?

The "phallus palace," as it has since been labelled, can be seen in more detail here:

The designer claims that it was an honest mistake, and the image has been edited out of all releases since the realization, but it's unknown whether or not it truly was human error or whether it's a matter of covering up for something after unexpectedly getting caught.



  2. wow Caroline..... this is great!
    love love loooove it:)

  3. Haha YEAH definitely not a mistake or coincidence!!
    I know that there is another example of sexual imagery in the Little Mermaid, and I was wondering if that is really real or not. The image is here:
    It's hard to tell from this picture but the minister has a questionable bump in his pants. Anyway, Disney is so perverted!

  4. I have always heard the rumors that there are sexual references and pictures in the disney movies, but i have never actually went and seen them. I can't believe how this is in the movie cover!! It'd be interesting to find out whether or not they intended it to be there or someone was really bored......