Monday, September 14, 2009

Fast Food Makes You Feel Good

Many advertisements' main purpose is to influence the consumer to buy the product they are promoting. Many print ads not only succeed in doing so, but their omnipresence instills in the public's view that their purposes are intrinsic in the products. I will briefly analyze a Mcdonald's ad using Saussure's dyadic model of the sign.

Signifier: a family eating at Mcdonald's
Signified: this image conceptualizes that McDonald's is a family-friendly place. A family can enjoy a full meal at McDonald's just like in any other restaurant. Moreover, the word family implies the involvement of children. This image connotes that McDonald's is a kid-friendly atmosphere where parents will feel safe taking their children to have a good time.

This suggested purpose takes shape physically at present-day when McDonald's now has Happy Meals specifically targeted for young children, conveniently packaged with toys that children can play with as they enjoy their McDonald's food. Furthermore, some McDonald's restaurants even have playgrounds for children to play in, as well as the option of having birthday parties.

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