Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Housekeeping

1) I added a new blog, Women & Hollywood, to the blogroll up at the top right. Any others I should add?

2) Please read and comment on your fellow students' blogs! I'm asking you guys to do two comments each per week. Not very much, but everyone likes getting comments and the more interaction and discussion the better.

3) ALSO: In your posts, please make sure your links work and your images load!

If you publish your post and the links/images don't work, click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the post. The editor will open.

To make a link active, highlight the word you want to make into a link (e.g. Women & Hollywood above) and press the "Link" button. It'll pop up a small window asking "To what URL should this link go?" From here you can cut-and-paste your URL (the "http://" address). You can also test the link from here to make sure it works.

To add an image, click on the image icon next to the Link icon. You can either directly upload an image or link to an image you found somewhere else on the web.

Great class today. I hope you all enjoyed paradigmatic and syntagmatic analysis.

-- Alice

1 comment:

  1. I like the blog roll on the side, so thank you!

    How about "I Believe in Advertising"? It isn't a commentary kind of blog, but they have interesting advertisements..