Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In this commercial, Starburst has distorted the asian stereotype that we've always been so used to seeing on TV and film, but at the same time, it has reinforced the Scottish stereotype. The commercial takes the audience by surprise at first because, I think it's safe to say, this is the first time a Korean Scot has been portrayed on the media, not to say that they don't exist (which this commercial is misleadingly doing) however, by portraying the Scottish side of the characters with kilted costumes and bagpipes, the Scottish stereotype is being strengthened. Along with giving us representations of the social world in general, media "construct for us a definition of what race is understood to be. They help to classify out the world in terms of the categories of race" (Hall, 20). By conveying that the entire asian race can't fall under the category of being Scottish, this commercial is reinforcing our previous assumptions and outlooks on how asians look and behave. Why couldn't Korean parents move to Scotland and have children and raise them there? This is an excellent example of how our unquestioned assumptions enable racist statemets to be formulated without ever bringing into awareness the racist predicates on which the statements are grounded" (20).

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