Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Special K: Space Available

Although I tried to stay away from the typical, subjugated female advertisement, I could not help but give attention to this one. This advertisement by Kellogg’s Special K denotes a female dressed in a red tank top and blue skirt (guessing denim, but can never be too sure) with silver stilettos on her feet standing next to script that reads “Advertising Space Available.”

This advertisement connotes perfection and satisfaction through the model’s facial expression and body positioning. The combination of the model’s smirk and lustful gaze exudes sex appeal while her cocked head invites us to join her in the “Special K Challenge.” The model’s body positioning (her shoulders pushed back and her back slightly arched) screams confidence, suggesting that maybe if we join her in the challenge we will too gain confidence with our body and ourselves.

The text, “Advertising Space Available,” further glorifies the model’s thinness and enhances the American myth (Barthes’ term) that unnaturally thin bodies such as her’s are natural.

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