Wednesday, September 9, 2009

High culture-Fashion

High culture is a culture that is targeted at an elite, educated, wealthier class. It involves a culture full of goods which are usually more exclusive and inaccessible to lower class citizens, such as the opera, art exhibits…etc. Usually lower class citizens cannot afford to go to these exhibits but at times they may simply choose not to because they feel out of place and uncomfortable. An example of a product associated with high culture is clothes/fashion. High cultured citizens would chose to shop at expensive designer stores and wear clothes that are more exclusive and inaccessible to low cultured people. Clothes can make one look more refined and classy, attributes that low cultured people may lack. Furthermore, low cultured people may feel uncomfortable going into high fashion stores which exudes a different kind of culture and atmosphere than the ones in which they are used to, moreover high cultured people may feel out of place going to stores which sell cheap clothes. However, high cultured people have more options and can engage in “slumming”, where they can shop at various stores, whereas low cultured people find it a lot harder to do so due to their limited budget.  Furthermore, since high culture people often go to more extravagant events which requires them to dress in more formal, classy attire it spurs on their need to shop at these expensive stores. 

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